Planning Projects and Plantings for April, May, and June 

Click here for a pdf of the list.

April 27th
—10:00 AM-- Hawks Greenhouse –Planting baskets for the City of Fairbanks with members of Hawks Greenhouse & our Garden Club.  Project Leader—Lucy S  Denise, Janet B., Becky, Carol and Susie

April 29th    Thursday 
 Afternoon time—Planting Strawberries with North Pole First Graders on Zoom-  Denise and Becky will deliver the Strawberries to the School. Project Leader Amanda R


April 30th    Friday 
10 AM   see about us Tab  for more info.
Garden Tour of Greenhouses—Times and places to meet will be provided by Gwenn Davies G  D


May 5th   Wednesday– 10:00 am

Creamer’s Historic Vegetable Garden-- Planning what to plant/Hose maintenance--- Creamer’s Visitor’s Center-- Project leaders Susie C. Janet B  (Donuts will be there!)  Carol, Althea, Cathy, Janet B. Marlene, Beverly, Susie and Doug


May 11thTuesday   2:00 pm

Botanical Gardens Upkeep—(Place to be announced) Project Leader Barbara H-M. Gwenn


May 13th—2:00 pm

Planning meeting for the Blue Star Memorial—Project leader Gwenn D G Barbara, Carol, Denise, Lucy 


May 17thMonday—11:00 am--
Raven Landing Basket Planting—Meet at Carol’s House
Project Leader Carol S
Althea, Cathy G. Barbara, Janet B. Lucy, Janet M. Gwenn


May 19th  Wednesday –12:00 Noon
Fairbanks Garden Club Meeting on Zoom--Program by Katie D.


May 21st  Friday 10:00 - 2:00 PM—
Children’s Museum—Planting marigolds with Children outside at the Children’s Museum-- Project Leader Carol S
·      Susie, Amanda, Becky, Cathy G., Althea


May 28thFriday - 10:00 am (or earlier)—

Festival Fairbanks –
Golden Heart Plaza—Plant in 5 or 6 places with other groups. (Bring knee pads, trowels, masks and gloves)  Project Leader Amanda R
      Denise, Becky, Janet B., Lucy, Cathy G. and Susie


June 4thFriday—  10:00 am--Blue Star Memorial
Meet at the Library’s Parking Lot (Planting the flowers around the memorial). Project leader, Gwenn D G
·      Barbara, Janet B., Carol, Lucy, and Denise


June 5thSaturday –8:00 am -1:00 pm

Garage Sale--Becky’s yard
Plants and garage sale items are to be brought to Becky’s house Friday, the day before the sale.   Bring your plants with labels showing plants’ name and price.  Price your garage sale items as well.  Project Leader Lucy S.
·      Barbara, Susie, Janet B. Denise, Amanda  ( we need more volunteers to help—shifts can be assigned)

June ---First of the month—Kitty Hensley House Window Box—
Geraniums have been refreshed in the window box this year in Agnes’s garage and will be ready for the Kitty Hensley House the first of June.   2020 was not planted due to COVID.  Project Leader, Agnes G.